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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Hi again!This part of the site represents the girls.We'll play games representing the WinX Club characters.Not only the girls.The trix,the boys,the pixies,everything!So let's play.If you want to be a character from the show,just e-mail me at with the subject "character".Send me your name,your age and the character.

Info:The link named game for group will be the guestbook where we will play.Example:at the name you write your character and then you know what to do,right?Here are only the roles.We cannot start the game until we have all the girls.The other aren't so important.Remember!We aren''t playing episodes/We are simply creating epsiodes togheter.


You can take everything you want with a condition:tell me first or put my site on your site or tell this site to your friends.