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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Here are Lyrics.I'll tell ya what I remember.

Just us girls
The best thing about each new day is that is better than,better than the last.
Can't wait to see where we're hading to,but we don't want to get there,don't wnat to get there to fast.
Won't face the face the world on our own.Never had to worry about being alone.
What we got is all we need.
Just us girls!Sharing everything!
Just us girls!Got'em on the run!
Just us girl!Everything is spring,time to spread our wings!
We're having so much fun!JUST US GIRLS....

Don't know what came over me,
Got all lost in a fantasy(with you and me).
My broken heart is gonna heal,
Can't believe the way I feel.
I'm caught up in your spell(under your spell),
And there's just no way to tell
How I'm gonna break free!
Gotta find and answer!
Lookin' all the places we been!
Dreamin' that we last forever,
I won't stop searchin' for you
'Till we're togheter again!
                                                               Mean girls rule
Firt they tell you that you're ulgy,
Mean girls gonna make you cry.
Steal your homework,
Slam your makeup,
Then they're gonna steal your guy.
Spread some gossip,
Stel your locker,
Tell you "you're loser,nerd"!
That's why they lead the herd.
Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls are cooler,
Mean girls are icy cold,
That's why the mean girls rule!
Kick your bootie,
Trash your rep,
Mean girls always put you down.
Dish your hair,
Shame your outfit,
Then they run you outta town.
Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls are cooler,
Mean girls are icy cold,
That's why the mean girls rule.
Mean girls,ah!(2X)
I have more to give you but now THAT'S ALL.
P.S.: I have  the other songs,but my copy and paste doesn't work so I have to write by hand and it's so boring.

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