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Bloom's profile

Image from Michael's Favorite images section
Name ~ Bloom
Age ~ 16
Place of Origin ~ City of Gardinia, Earth/ Sparx
Source of Power ~ Dragon Fire
Bloom is the new girl from earth. She doesn't even realize she has winx until she meets stella one day at (what seems to be) a park. She helps Stella get rid of Mr. Nut, and then Stella takes her to Magix. From then on, Bloom stays in alfea. Bloom is the leader of the group, being the main character as well. Bloom is a good decision maker (and not just from the potion ^-^) she seems shy yet outgoing at times, and has a major crush on Prince Sky
Bloom's Family
Blooms family consists of her two adoptive parents.

Her "mom and dad" adopted her when her "dad" found her in a burning building. The instant he picked her up, the fire went totally out (and they said that it had spread something like 4 blocks). She also has her pet bunny kiko.

Bloom still doesnt know who her real parents are, and she is still searching to find out.
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Princess of Sparx
*this may contain some spoilers for those who havnt seen the whole 1st season*

Later in the series, the trio of witches steals bloom's power. Until then she didn't know what her power was, but the witches revealed it to her. Bloom was the posseser of the Great Dragon Fire Power. The witches then procceded to take her powers. After that, bloom was very confused and sort of in a depressed state, but she then summoned up her courage and overcame it to help the others defeat the witches. She travels to her home planet of Sparx, only to discover a frozen wasteland. With the help of her fairy friends, the group traveled to the castle, also in ruins. She finds Daphine, and se tells bloom of her past life on Sparxs. Daphine was the one who sent Bloom to earth, to save her. From now on, bloom wants to discover more about her real parents.
Love Life
*this may contain some spoilers for those who havnt seen the whole 1st season*

Blooms love life was wasn't very settled in the first season. What do i mean by that? Well, she and "Branden" weren't very stable. Right from the start you could tell she developed a crush for him. And things weren't going to bad, that is, until Princess Diaspro made her debut. At first, bloom thought that Princess diaspro was Icy in disguise. But then after the two fought it out, Princess D said she was Prince Sky's fiance. Bloom wasnt worried, after all, she loved Branden. But then the truth was told that "Branden" was actually the prince. The two friends was swapped names. Soo that sorta broke up the Bloom and "Branden", now Sky, relationship. Bloom was made that he lied to her, and about Princess Diaspro, and so on. Eventually, they both get back together, and all is well!

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