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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Stella's profile

Name ~ Princess Stella
Age ~ 17
Place of Origin ~ Kingdom of Solaria
Source of Power ~ The Sun and the Moon
Stella is, well, she is stella. She is probably the most annoying out of the group, but still makes her contributions to the club. She is a fashion freak, loves jewelry (^-^ and all her accessories), clothes, and anything fashionable.
Random Fact ~ Stella is the only member of the winx club who is 17. Everyone else is 16. I think this is because in one episode they said she blew up a lab or something trying to create a new shade of pink. I think that maybe they held her back for that.

Her Boyfriend ~ Brandon
Stella's Family
Stella's family is her mom and dad.
Her mother and father got divorced, and now live in seperate castles.
In the episode entitled "Nightmare Monster" We see more about this when the nightmare creature attacks Stella's dreams.
After seeing that episode, it seems to be apparent that her mother was a moon princess, and her father was of the Sun.
Screenshot is by ME! Do NOT use without my permission!

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