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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Flora's profile

Name ~ Flora

Age ~ 16

Place of Origin ~ 5th Moon of Marigold/ All Green Fairyland

Source of Power ~ Flowers and Nature
Flora is the most mature out of the winx club. She is more quiet than the rest, and very sweet.
"I'm Flora of Winx Club. I'm the fairy of Nature and I come from All Green Fairyland. I get my energy from flowers and plants. I'm really into Forestry studies and love doing experiments with plants. My friends think i am mature but that's just because I'm the most responsible one. Someone has to be!" (From Flora's card (came with her doll) )
Love Life
As most winx fans know, Flora is the only Winx girl without a boyfriend. Well, it seems that in season 2 of the Winx Club, she gets one! The best way to describe him, from what i have seen so far, is that he looks very mysterious, and has shoulder length black hair, with pretty blue eyes.

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