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Musa's profile

Image from Michael's Favorite Images section
Name ~ Princess Musa
Age ~ 16
Place of Origin ~ Harmonic Nebula/ Melody Fairyland
Source of Power ~ Music
Musa seems like a very outgoing person. She loves to sing (^-^ and rap in the kitchen) and is also the tomboy of the group.

Random Fact ~ Her fairy wings are the only ones with a bottom wing (all the others only have a top wing)

Her Boyfriend ~ Riven
Musa's Family
Musa family confists of (from what i know) her Mom and Dad. Her Mom died not to long ago, and she lives with her father, who rules the harmonic realm.

In the episode entitled "Nightmare Monster" when the nightmare monster attacks Musa's dreams, we see how her mom died. She simple kep saying that she couldn't hear any music, and then she disapeared!

Musa really misses her mom alot, and wishes she was still with her, but she still has her father to count on.
Love Life
*This may contain spoilers if you have not seen the whole 1st season*

Poor Musa also, like bloom, seemed to have a trouble love life. In the begging she seemed to want to be with Riven, while Riven, being the tough boy he was, seemed reluctant. They may have become a couple sooner, but Darcy seemed to end that. She put Riven under her spell, and for almost the rest of the whole season, Riven was with Darcy, and that seemed to be it. Then, near the end, Darcy dithed him, being the evil witch she is. Riven then ended up returning to Musa, apoligizing, and wanting to go out with her.

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