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Tecna's profile

Name ~ Tecna

Age ~ 16

Place of Origin ~ 3rd Vector of the Binary Galaxy/ Tecno Dust Fairy Land

Source of Power ~ Anything Digital


Tecna is the smartest of the bunch, even having her own search engine. She often tends to be a know-it-all, but in alot of cases, she helps the girls out.
Andriod or not?
*Might be Spoilers here, if you don't want to read it, then just go back*

Ok. this is something i have been pondering for a while. I swear that i remember reading somewhere (either on the FOXBOX's website or on an official site) that Tecna was half andriod. I checked the FOXBOX's site/4kids whatever, and it wasnt there. All the information was the same as what was on the preview DVD. Soooo I wasnt sure. When i remember reading it, the information was not the same as what was on the DVD. Call me crazy, i don't know, but i still believe that she is.

Cases in point:
1. In her episode with the nightmare monster, what she saw was a big area of just pixeled stuff. Pixel buildings, trees, even Timmy! It looked just like a computer graph sort of thing.

2. When the winx girls were helping the nymphs on the island to get leaves (i can't quite remember), when the evil tree let out gas, Tecna was the only one not affected.

If i am wrong, feel free to email me. And if anyone has seen the original Italian version, if you know, agian, please email me. I'm not sure if it just isnt bothered to be mentioned in the English version, or if it will be a topic for the second season. If you also have any other clues to offer, email me ^-^

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