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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Layla's profile

Image from Michael's Favorite Images Section
Most information on Layla may not be correct, as it is all based on what I have seen and read around online. I can't be sure of anything until the second season starts here in the US.

Name ~ Princess: Layla (USA), Gladis (Australia i think? not sure), Aisha (everywhere else) (Strange names,huh?)
Age ~ ?
Place of Origin ~ Andros? (I just saw this on a site)
Source of Power ~ liquids?
Aisha is said to be the Sporty girl of the group.
Random Fact ~ Newest member of the winx club!
Her Boyfriend ~ ----none yet ----
Layla's Transformation
These shots were not taken by me, so do NOT steal them! You can tell I made them because they aren't all the same size, and aren't the best quality ^^;;;..

Hi!I have US Layla information from a  girl that didn't tell her name.
Name:Princess Layla,Fairy of Liquids
Place of Origin:The Realm of Tides
Source of power:Liquids,she can change water molecules in what shape she wants
Likes:Sports and Dancing
Weaknesses:Dark open spaces
So..girl..send me an e-mail with ur name!

You can take everything you want with a condition:tell me first or put my site on your site or tell this site to your friends.