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Short profiles of everybody

Here are short profiles of everybody.

FloraFlora - Fairy of Nature
Age: 16
Origin: All Green fairyland
Power source: She gets her energy from flowers and plants
Likes: Forestry Studies, botanical experiments
Weaknesses: Lacks self confidence


BloomBloom - Fairy of the Dragon Fire
Age: 16
Origin: Earth
Likes: Everything connected with magical worlds and beings
Strengths: Altruistic attitude, independent and a born leader
Weaknesses: Somewhat impatient, stubborn, a bit insecure because of her doubtful origin.


MusaMusa - Fairy of the Music Wave
Musa is the tomboy of the group and she lives with Tecna.
Age: 16
Origin: Melody Fairyland
Power Source: She gets all her power from different types of music.
Likes: Playing musical instruments and indulging in daydreaming
Strengths: Natural talent for investigation, and a very good observer.
Weaknesses: She has quite a temper.


StellaStella - Fairy of Sun and Moon
Stella is the most beauty conscious of the girls and Bloom's best friend.
Age: 17
Origin: Solaria
Power Source: She gets her energy from the sun and moon light.
Likes: All that is beautiful, love spells and the latest fashions.
Strengths: Vivacious, optimistic
Weaknesses: Lazy never too serious about school and loves spending money.


TecnaTecna - Fairy of Technology
Age: 16
Origin: Tecno dust Fairyland
Power source: She draws her powers from all that is hi-Tech.
Likes: Science and Inventions
Strengths: A perfectionist, very decisive.
Weaknesses: Sometime a bit too sure of herself.
Techna is half android.


Icy Icy - Heart of Ice
Energy Source: Ice.
Deadly Powers: Freezing Rain and Icy Darts.
Main features: She is the absolute leader of the witches; thanks to her charisma, Icy gets everybody to follow her and carry our her orders.


StormyStormy - Princess of Wind
Energy source: Wind.
Deadly Powers: Rising of Gales and Tempests.
Main features : She is very fiery and has an irritable attitude. Stormy is secretly convinced she is more powerful than Icy. She looses her temper quite often.
Motto: I will not go back to limbo without the Dragon Fire Power this time!

DarcyDarcy - Jewel of Darkness
Energy source: Darkness.
Deadly powers: Hypnotic Wave and Rays.
Main features: Apparently quiet and calm. Darcy is sneaky and creepy. She carefully studies people's behaviours to find their weaknesses and then... she strikes!
Motto: No one can oppose resistance to me! The Winx's days are counted!


Background: The shadowy one. There's little we know about Riven since he doesn't like to speak about his private life.
Abilities: A real athlete! He excels in every sport!

Riven seems mostly driven by his desire for success.


Background: The leading male character of the WINX he is actually a prince but for security reasons no one knows and he swapped roles with his best friend to attend the school.
Abilities: Excels in fighting with swords, driving fast cars and piloting every possible vehicle.
General Traits: You'll like him because he's full of energy, a natural leader and an untiring warrior


Prince SkyPrince Sky
Brandon's best friend. Prince Sky and Brandon grew up together - he's become like an older brother to him.
Abilities: Excellent swordsman - maybe better than Brandon
Weaknesses: Prince Sky has a weak spot for girls. He likes to dress up on every occasion and is always very concerned about his looks.



Background: He's the brains of the group. His large family has more scientist in it than in all the world of Magix.
Abilities: Excels in all subjects, has a preference for fact gathering.
General Traits: At first Timmy has a fragile appearance and is very timid but everybody loves him just for that!

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