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Welcome to my WinX Club site!
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Ask Bloom,Stella,Layla,Tecna,Flora and Musa

Hi,guys!New thin' came!Here you ask something...but ya don't ask me!You ask the WinX Girls!A girl named Cassie gived me this idea...she gived me a question for the girlz TOO!Well,look how you must proceed:
Send me an e-mail with ur name,ur age,ur location and then send me the question...example:
Cassie,9,New York,America
               Dear(winx girl that you wanna ask.If you wanna ask all winx girls,you say only:Hi girls!)Stella,
You ......(or:I have a prob...etc.)
(Image donated and made(on the winx club site at the winx card section) by (sorry but she didn't tell me her name)

Shawne, 18, California, America!

Hello Musa, my name is Shawne, and nice to meet you!
I've always like Winx Club, this is the best popular
show I ever seen. And as you, I think your the coolest
and soo beautiful. But know ya like hip hop music, at
y'sing and rap pretty good as well. As I met you this
time....I know you like me Musa, as if ya want to I
guess. And you're my favorite character of winx too.

Cassie,9,New York,America
You totally rock....I watch WinX every weekend and I love it..especially I like Tecna but I like you all!!!I have a prob...My bf thinks that winx suxks and I don' can we solve this thing?

WinX say:                          

                        Dear Shawne,

               I'm glad you like me and I think ure nice too.Well,if you any time want to send me a private mail my e-mail bcs sure I really have to go at the hours and my dad comes at the Magix airport...bye!


WinX say:                               Dear Cassie,
                    Well,thank you for the compliments!About ur bf...did she ever watched    WinX so she can know if she likes or not?If she didn't...put her watch!If she did...well that's it!If she doesn't like she doesn't like!But you can still be friends,right?Doesn't matter!
                                                                      WinX Club

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